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One big family

PROMAN is a family affair! Take a look at the Gomez family and their associates:

The PROMAN Group and its international subsidiaries

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PROMAN, an ambitious project launched by Mr. and Mrs. Gomez and their two sons in 1990! The eldest, Roland, President, has been developing the company since its inception while maintaining the same values.

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Driven by a spirit of conquest and unparalleled motivation, the PROMAN teams keep growing every day in France and abroad!

Key figures

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largest temporary recruitment agency in Europe
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100% family-owned and independent French company
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+1 000
agencies around the world
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billion Euro turnover in 2023
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5 000

permanent employees​

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45 000

partners globally

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+100 000

temporary workers on assignment every day

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You don’t get something for nothing…
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Quick and well!


We’re one big family!
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We’re aiming for the moon!
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Always better with than without, isn’t it?
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Common sense

If you’re going to do something, do it right!
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Our values

Work seriously without taking yourself too seriously – that’s PROMAN!

We are an international, family-owned business, where every employee counts. What makes PROMAN different is our strong ethical culture, founded on our core values of work, agility, pleasure, audacity, kindness and common sense..

PROMAN is looking for 
positive, motivated and dedicated people to join us in our adventure! We only work with those who share our values, allowing us to grow and develop together.

Around the world our core values are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring our agencies 
reflect the PROMAN spirit!

Another job idea!  

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A corporate citizen

The core business of PROMAN is people. More than ever, the new challenges within our society and the evolution of our industry means our group plays a major role socially. The company has therefore taken the initiative to invest in the following areas:

Developing skills and new competencies within the workforce

Helping those who may be excluded from employment into the workforce (including young people without qualifications, workers with disabilities, socially isolated women etc.).
Promoting diversity and equal opportunities within the workplace, and preventing discrimination in employment
Supporting charities by raising awareness of worthwhile causes with the help of our employees
Developing partnerships that are ethical and environmentally sustainable
Our vision, philosophy, and corporate identity are the foundation of our approach to Social and Environmental Responsibility

Find us everywhere!

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